Our Mission

To provide quality multilingual psychological assessment and counselling treatment that help adults and children to understand themselves and their capabilities. Our services intend to empower people to fulfill their vocational, educational, familial and personal lives in a multicultural Vancouver community.


Benefits of Psychological Assessment & Counselling

Family and Friends often give you comfort and advices. However, they are not trained professional psychologists or counsellors and often they cannot stay objective. Good intentions do not always equate to good solutions. Following are some of the benefits of professional help when you feel troubled:

  • Right assessment - Professional assessment of your current situation and identifying the cause goes a long way into finding the right solution for you.
  • 'You are not alone!' - Aside from our training, a lot of people with similar problems have come to seek help and we know what works. Knowing that you are not the only one facing such challenges helps.
  • Discover alternate approaches and choices - Talking to us allows closure to issues or to find new approaches to an old challenge. Failure to address a primary issue can cause secondary self-esteem, stress and unnecessary self-doubt like 'What is wrong with me?'. Give yourself a chance to heal properly because just like physical injuries, old scars are sometimes the cause for new injuries.
  • Total Privacy and Confidentiality - We are bound by our code of ethics for non-disclosure. We are totally unrelated to any of your co-workers, friends and family. What you tell us will never leave the clinic without your permission.